Marlin Financing:

You can't afford to wait for new equipment. Now you don't have to.
Marlin, you can get the new equipment you need today and pay for it over time.

No matter what the size of your business, effectively managing cash flow is crucial to its success. With equipment leasing through Marlin, you can get the new equipment you need, with a plan that fits your budget without tapping into your business capital.

No Payments until 2022!

You can get your equipment now and make NO PAYMENTS until January 2022. Marlin's No Payments Program provides the financial bridge you need to acquire the equipment you need today.

What's the Process?

Benefits to you:
  • Afford what is really needed
  • Ability to manage cash flow
  • Preservation of capital and bank lines
  • 100% financing
  • Fixed monthly payments with simple approval process
  • " Flexible options - such as 120 day deferral

Tax Exempt Financing
For City, County and State Government entities

Marlin makes financing an attractive option for government entities with tight budget constraints.


Tax exempt financing obligations are NOT considered debt, but a current expense and does not impact the municipalities available debt limitations.

100% Financing:

Public entities are able to include soft-costs such as delivery and installation.

Quick and Simple:

Credit decisions are issued within 4 hours and documentation is supplied either the same day or the next business day.

Budget Saver:

Financing allows public entities to acquire the equipment they need now rather than waiting until the next fiscal year.

Matching Terms:

Agreements may be designed to match the term for the expected useful life of the asset.


Payments can be made upon installation or in some instances delayed until the next fiscal year.

Acquire Your Asset Without Acquiring Debt:

Payments are subject to annual appropriations, which means the obligation is not subject to statutory debt limitations. Since no debt is created, the finance agreements do not require voter approval.

For financing information, please call:
Lanni Barkow at 856.505.4168

For equipment information, please contact:
Seaway Supply Co.